Prior to the reading I can say that I think curricula are developed from assessment results and where students need to focus on in areas of subjects. I think they are created based on older curriculums and improved and updated regularly. “CURRICULUM POLICY AND

Curricula are developed through research done and input from sources such as universities and business. Experts in the field of the curricula often develop it with the input of teachers of all levels including post-secondary schools. They are then implemented in schools and research on their effectiveness is done to see if there are changes that need to take place. This can be a lengthy process.

The reading gave a good insight into the many factors in creating curricula. I had never realized the post-secondary influence on changes needed. I also had never thought about the need for certain experts to push for their subject matter to be important, just to ensure their own significance. This shows there is self-focus from experts when the greater good of education may not be the biggest factor. Trying to put a lot of information into curricula in a short amount of time is not allowing for the best outcomes and I can see the desire to get it all in, but it is easy to see how the effectiveness might not be the best. It would be better to learn something well than many things poorly, in my opinion. But when there is pressure from various sources such as universities, tech schools, politicians and businesses it would be hard to know what really is important. There are so many factors to think about what to put in and what to leave out of curriculums. 

One thing that concerns me is that I felt was something of importance in developing curricula is that experts are often the ones creating the curriculums and then expecting teachers to be the ones to implement them. If these curriculums are not suited properly and the outcomes are not positive, then it falls on the teacher and their credibility falters. So, in short- it is the teachers who look bad if a curricula is done poorly- not the creators. The teachers take the ridicule and this can cause unfair stress to the people trying to help the students the most. 


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